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(Not So)
Little Things

NOV 16
Money Matters

NOV 23
In Need
of a Miracle?

NOV 29
the Future

As we approach the upcoming U.S. elections, the world is divided on countless issues. It can be easy to feel confused, frustrated, and discouraged about how to navigate the complexities & conflicts.

OCT 11
Without Dividing

OCT 18
(Gender Identity,
Sexuality, & Christianity)

OCT 25
Beneath the Skin:
Racism & Faith

Let's Talk About

You are designed for connection, but this season certainly has made it harder to connect. If you have recently felt puzzled or defeated by your relationships, you are not alone!

September 13: Relationship playbook - Week 1

September 20: Relationship playbook - Week 2

September 27: Relationship playbook - Week 3

October 4: Relationship playbook - Week 4

Life looks different, but our calling remains the same. In a continually changing world, it can be difficult to stay grounded. How do we focus on what God is asking us to do in the midst of so much uncertainty? Move forward with us in bold faith as we explore how God designed our lives to echo.

August 2: How to Echo - Week 1

August 9: How to Echo - Week 2

August 16: How to Echo - Week 3

August 23: How to Echo - Week 4

August 30: How to Echo - Week 5

September 6: Compassion Sunday

The global COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the way we work, play, and live – often leaving us disoriented and stressed. The Hope Project is an invitation into a 40-day journey designed to bring hope for a new beginning and a stronger future. 

June 14: Hope Project - Week 1

June 21: Hope Project - Week 2

June 27: Hope Project - Week 3

July 5: Hope Project - Week 4

July 12: Hope Project - Week 5

July 19: Hope Project - Week 6

July 26: Hope Project - Week 7

Everyone is being changed by COVID-19, but not all of those changes are good. The pressure has a way of revealing what is already under the surface, but you can come out of this better than you went in. Build new patterns on how to come through this pandemic with no regrets.

Week 1: What Am I Fighting For?

Week 2: Who Am I Becoming?

Week 3: What's your foundation?

Week 4: Relationships



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