Your health and safety is of our utmost priority.

As we slowly begin to reintroduce in-person experiences again in incremental phases, we are carefully and thoughtfully designing them to help you stay connected in community in the safest ways possible, including:

  1. Following health and safety guidelines in accordance with the latest county and public health agency guidelines.
  2. Having guests confirm that they are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, submit contact information for contact tracing required by the county, wear face coverings, and abide by 6-feet social distancing guidelines between households. 
  3. Taking extra precautions to ensure guests feel safe, valued, and cared for, such as providing masks and hand sanitation stations.
  4. Offering digital contactless alternatives in place of physical connection cards and programs.
  5. Having team members guiding guests on the steps above, as well as signage posted around as reminders.

Questions? Feel free to contact your campus pastor.