Grow Track

Grow Track takes you further in your journey of faith, and connects you to our church and mission.

Step 1: Grow

This session teaches how to start, grow, or mature in your journey of faith, and gives a glimpse into the mission and values at Echo.Church.

Step 2: Connect

This session explores our need for connection with one another, and how to find and develop meaningful, life-giving relationships through Echo Groups.


Step 3: Serve

This session explains why serving matters and how you can contribute your unique gifts, skills, and experience to the Dream Team.

Step 4: Echo

This session concludes Grow Track by showing how your life can echo and make a difference in your church, community, and world.

Times & Locations

Grow Track takes place on Sundays at all of our locations.

North San Jose

10:00 am
Brunch is provided

5:30 pm
Dinner is provided

South San Jose

11:00 am
Lunch is provided


11:00 am
Lunch is provided