Echo Church has been an amazing place for me to discover God. Its welcoming environment makes it easy for me to connect with staff and other church members. Being part of Echo has given me the opportunity to feel challenge myself and safely wrestle with timeless yet deep philosophical life questions.
One of My favorite parts about Echo is how down to earth the Echo team is. It’s incredibly refreshing to attend a place where you’re encouraged to “come as you are”. No matter where you are in your journey of life Echo Church welcomes you and it feels great.

It’s awesome to know that we’re getting a weekly message that’s one hundred percent life applicable. The quality of message is right up there with some of the best leadership, life-hack, and self-discipline podcasts out there. In fact, they’re such a pleasure to hear that I look forward to inviting colleagues from work and friends over to hear it.

Ultimately, connecting with Echo Church has left an incredibly positive impact on my life and my family. My family loves coming here and genuinely looks forward to Sunday service.

Darren, 34

Tech Entrepreneur

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