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Becoming the person you were created to be is not going to happen on accident. We need each other.
  • A road
    The Power of Grace and Truth
    Grace and truth are possibly the two words that most accurately describe God. The fusion of these two concepts is key to transforming our lives. So how to we live with both grace and truth?
  • person standing on cliff at sunset
    What to Do When You’ve Lost Motivation
    When it comes to getting — and staying — physically fit, having well intended motivation goes a long way. But how can you keep your momentum going over the long term?
  • woman staring at the ocean
    Echo Groups: Being Spiritually Prepared to Lead
    If you’re leading a group for the first time, buckle in! You are in for a wonderful, wild ride. Here’s about how to prepare spiritually each week.
  • Man sitting in front of pool
    What Does Your Reflection Show?
    What does it look like to reflect God’s Light, God’s Image, and God’s Love in your life?

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